What To Do In An Emergency

Stay calm....and call for help 

Know your local emergency phone numbers. We will provide you with free emergency phone stickers just E-mail us and request them!   Make sure you know where you are and the number that you are calling from and speak slowly & clearly.  Don't be alarmed if we sound calm on the line, our dispatchers are specifically trained to calmly gather needed information regardless of urgency of situation!

Do what you can for the patient & prepare for arrival

Turn on your porch lights, and as many other lights as possible, especially if it is dark. Even consider the four way flashers on your car, the more lights the better.  Send someone to the curb to await our arrival. This will help us identify your house if your address is not clearly marked on your house or mailbox.  If the furniture is in the way of where we will need to roll our ambulance cot, and it is possible to move it without injuring yourself, then move it. Do your best to clear the scene for our speedy arrival. If you have any large dogs running loose, please secure them. We can't properly treat your loved one if we are afraid of being bit!

What to do upon our arrival...

Stay calm and be ready to answer an array of questions related to the condition of the patient.  If you have any written information from the doctor or the hospital relating to the patients condition, it would be helpful to have it at hand.

Once were gone...

Rest assured that the patient is in well trained professional hands! Make any necessary phone calls, gather your things and drive to the hospital. Don't drive if your upset! Have a friend drive you. Many times if you are upset, you may drive too fast or be involved in an accident. We see this happen and don't want it to happen to you!